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 Born in Japan as a granddaughter of a Buddhist monk. Studies art in New York, built a family in Brazil, and has been living in India since 2012.

Her cross-culture background spanning four different cultures (Japan/USA/Brazil/India) has given her a unique set of conceptual tools to connect and give meaning to the environment around her. She is open to dialogue, experiment and learn in unfamiliar materials and technology alike whilst continuously drawing from her knowledge of and belief in Indian and Japanese spiritual mythology.

Her multi-disciplinary practice is a delightful chaotic mix of visual, sculptural, conceptual, performative, spiritual and musical expression. Her sensibilities as a visual artist are strong and poetic, however her real strength is her performance work. Experimental and collaborative, she often works with artists from different disciplines, her family and friends, merging cultures and ideas to play during live  'happening’ performances where she endures, repeats, risks and commands as an artist. There is an innate confidence and sensitivity in her practice, a realness that is messy and alive.

 She is an artist who is concerned with the universal theme of human existence and the everyday lived experience.

School Formation:

. Musashino Art University, BFA; Tokyo, Japan; 2011;

. Specialization course in Art Therapy; Tobias School of Art;  East Grinsted, England; 2002 to 2005;

. “Parsons School of Design”; fine art;  New York, USA; 1990 to 1992;

Other Courses:

.Esraj; Tanusree Chaterjee; Kolkata, India; from August 2012;

.Curative Chanting, “Krishnamacharia Mandiram”; Chennai, India; January 2013;

.Yoga and meditation; “Mangalan Ashram Yoga Peeth”,

 instructor Viswarupananda; 2009 to 2010 in Rishikesh, India, and summer of 2011 in Tokyo Japan ;

.Specialization course in Curative Education and Social Therapy;

 Três Fontes: Campinas, Brazil; 2006 to 2008;

.Yoga 1 and 2; Metropolitanas University (FMU);

  São Paulo- SP, Brazil; 2004, 2005;

.Sculpture, instructor Ivo Bay; Fundação Cultural Cassiano Ricardo;

 São José dos Campos - SP, Brazil; 1996 to 2000;

. Yoga and meditation; “Yoga Clinic”, instructor Prakash Vyas;

  Varanasi, India; 1995;

. Vipassana Meditation; Nepal Vipassana Centre,

 “Dhammashringa”; Nepal; 1994;

. Sculpture; instructor Rona Pondick;

  Parsons School of Design;

  New York – NY, USA; 1991 to 1992;

. Sculpture; instructor Jackie Brookner;

  Parsons School of Design;

  New York– NY, USA; 1991;


"Heal the Soul"; trio performance; Patan Museum, Nepal; 2023;

"Picnic" ~Tears of Pomegranates; solo performance; Kerala Lalitkala Academy, Durbar Hall Art Center, 2023;

"Gate No. 1715, performance installation; Crack International Art Camp, Kushtia, Bangladesh; 2022;

"An Embrace Is A Thousand Words", duo performance was selected for the 19th Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh, December. 2022;

"Awaking a Dead Baby"; solo performance; International Behavioral Art Performance at Rishikesh, India, 2022;

"A Song of Silence"; solo performance; Crack International Art Camp, Kushtia, Bangladesh; 2021-22;

"Dhaaga", solo performance; KIPAF (Kolkata International Performance Art Festival), Kolkata, India, 2020;

"Sun-Sangha 2", duo performance; Crack International Art Camp, Kushtia, Bangladesh, 2019;

"Sun-Sanga", duo performance on screening; Studio ex-forma, Munbai, India, 2019;

"Sun-Sanga", duo performance on screening; Chander Haat, Kolkata, India, 2018;

"Sun-Sanga", duo performance on screening; Kriti Gallery, Varanasi, India, 2018; "Work in Process"; Ganges River Ghart, Varanasi, India, 2016;

"Work in Process"; Gallery Square Circle, Kala Kendra; Auroville, Pondicherry-Tamil Nadu, India; 2014-15;

”Essência (Essence)”, solo performance; ICBEU; São José dos Campos – SP, Brazil; December, 2006;

”NDO (ing)”, -duo exhibition, Galeria Helena Calil;  Fundação Cultural Cassiano Ricardo, São José dos Campos – SP, Brazil; September, 2006;

" MICHI ", Duo performance, TanTANz estúdio coreográfico, São José dos Campos-SP, Brazil; 2005;

“MICHI”, Duo performance; Fundação Cultural Cassiano Ricardo; São José dos Campos – SP, Brazil; December, 2005;

"Cerimônia do Chá dos Planetas (Planets’ Tea Ceremony)" , solo performance, Tobias School;  East Grinstead, UK; June, 2004;

”Cerimônia do Chá (Tea Ceremony)“ , duo performance; Espaço Helena Calil;  São José dos Campos—SP, Brazil; October, 2003;

”Sem Título ( Without Tittle)”, duo performance; Galeria de arte - Isabella Carvalho; São José dos Campos – SP, Brazil; March, 2003;

“Cerimônia do Chá do Bebê (Tea Ceremony for the Baby)”; solo performance; City Park;  São José dos Campos - SP, Brazil; June, 2000;

“Anicca”, duo performance; Fundação Cultural Cassiano Ricardo; Ateliê de Artes Plásticas;   São José dos Campos - SP, Brazil; December, 1998;

"Cerimônia do Chá (Tea Ceremony)”; solo performance;  Fundação Cultural Cassiano Ricardo; São José dos Campos - SP, Brazil; August, 1998;

"Momento de Criação (Moment of Creation)”, with dancers; Fundação Cultural Cassiano Ricardo;  São José dos Campos - SP; December, 1997;

“Passagem (Passage)”, duo performance, Taubaté University; Architecture College; Taubaté - SP, Brazil; November, 1997;

“Tree of Ego”, duo Theatrical piece; Arusunoba; Tokyo, Japan; 1988 to 1990;

Solo Exhibitions:

"Blind Spot", workshop exhinition; Max Muller Bhavan; Goethe Institute, Kolkata- West Bengal, India; 2020;

"Homenagem to Yoko Ono and John Cage”, duo exhibition ; Galeria Helena Calil;

Fundação Cultural Cassiano Ricardo, São José dos Campos-SP, Brazil; 2011;

”Zonas (Zones) “, duo exhibition; Shopping Colinas; São José dos Campos-SP, Brazil; 2010;

”Ritual ”, Galeria Papel, Fundação Cultural de Blumenau; Blumenau – SC, Brazil; May, 2004;

”Manchas de Vida (Stain of Life)”, Nova Galeria, Fundação Cultural de Blumenau: Blumenau –SC, Brazil; November, 2003;

”Oferenda (Offering)”, Espaço Helena Calil, Fundação Cultural Cassiano Ricardo; São José dos Campos-SP, Brazil; September, 2003;

“Sombras (Shadows)”, Galeria do Papel, Fundação Cultural de Blumenau; Blumenau – SC, Brazil; November, 2002;

“Sombras (Shadows)”, Fundação Pinacoteca Benedicto Calixto; Santos – SP, Brazil; October, 2002;

“O Ovo (The Egg)” (installation), Cassiano Ricardo City Library; São José dos Campos - SP, Brazil; April, 1999;

“Passagem (Passage)”, Taubaté University; Architecture College;  Taubaté - SP, Brazil; November, 1997;

“Hajime-no-kai”; Gendai Bijutsu Garoo; Ginza, Tokyo, Japan; 1997;

“Hito-Hito-Ten”; Kaidan Gallery Ribiina II; Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan; 1997;  

Collective Exhibitions:


 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzecTsa4DtM  2023;

"Sky Beads"; Crack Online International Art Camp, Crack Trust; Kushtia, Bangladesh, 2020-21;

"Touch"; ReFrame Institute of Art and Expression", Online Exhibition on Facebook & Instagram; 2020;

"A Prayer (Inori) "; Crack International Art Camp"; Crack Trust; Kushtia, Bangladesh; 2019;

”Mapas de Influências - Arte Postal”; Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade; Sao Paulo - SP, Brazil; 2012;

”Circulação Gráfica (Graphic Circulation)”; Galeria Gravura Brasileira, São Paulo - SP, Brazil; July to September, 2011;

”Gabinete de Gravuras (Gabinet of Printing)”; Sesc; São José dos Campos - SP, Brazil; April, 2011;

Collective work with students of “Criar”; “Criar”; Shizuoka, Japan; December, 2008;

Collective work of Art Therapy students;  Tobias School of Art; East Gristead, UK; July, 2005;

Paintings and objects exhibited at “Tan- Tanz”;  São José dos Campos-SP, Brazil, July, 2005;

Collective works of artists from Contemporary Art Hall of 2002;  Espaço Helena Calil; São José dos Campos-SP; September, 2003;

Paintings exhibited at “Asian Festival”; Higashikurume Prefecture; Higashikurume, Tokyo, Japan; 1997;

Collective works of small objects;  Parsons School of Design;  New York – NY, USA; 1992;

Collective works of paintings;  Parsons School of Design;  New York – NY, USA; 1991;

Participation in Open Exhibitions:

“Calendário 2003”;  Fundação Cultural de Blumenau;  Blumenau-SC, Brazil; 2003;

First Contemporary Art Exhibition 2002;  Vale Sul Shopping – São José dos Campos – SP, Brazil,  27 of November to 22 of December of 2002;

“Calendário 2002”;  Fundação Cultural de Blumenau;  Blumenau – SC, Brazil; 2002;

“The First Biannual Exhibition of Print Making at Santo André”, City Hall Exposition;  Santo André-SP, Brazil; 2001;

Selected work for “Rumos Itaú Cultural Artes Visuais Exhibition ” ,  2001/2002 edition; Itaú Cultural;  Sao Paulo-SP, Brazil; 2001;

“Contemporary Art Exhibition”,  V Salão Elke Hering; Blumenau-SC, Brazil; 2001;

“Contemporary Art Exhibition”,  IV Salão Elke Hering;  Blumenau-SC, Brazil; October of 1999;

Finalist of “Mapa Cultural Paulista”, painting and collage; Memorial da América Latina;  São Paulo - SP, Brazil; November of 1997;

“Shinkou-zou-ten” Salão;  Ueno, Tokyo, Japan; 1989;

Other activities:

"KIDS' GUERNICA", children's collective peace Mural Painting Project; Janajagriti secondary school, Mahadevbeshi, Nepal; 2023;

"KIDS' GUERNICA”, children’s collective Peace Mural Painting Project; Sargachi Ramakrishna Mission School, Mushidabad, India; 2023;

"Introduction to Art Performance", a workshop for teenagers; Chandar Haat, Kolkata, India; 2018;

"Playing with Flowers and Expanding my Boundary", a workshop for children; Chandar Haat, Kolkata, India; 2018;

" Introducing Japanese Art"; Vivekananda Cultural Center, Shillong, India: 2016;

Translating English texts on vedantic theme for “Fumetsu no Kotoba (Eternal Talks)”, Japanese Vedantic Magazine of Ramakrishna Mission; Zushi, Japan; from 2009 to 2019;

Art Therapy applied in “Value Education”; Brazilian schools in Japan; Ibaraki, Shizuoka, and Kanagawa, Japan; 2008 to 2009;

Childrens’ Ateliê; Fundação Cultural Cassiano Ricardo; São José dos Campos-SP, Brazil; 2007;

 Art Therapy; Favela Monte Azul; São Paulo- SP, Brazil; 2003 to 2007;

Art Therapy; Center of Psychosocial Attention;  São José dos Campos- SP, Brazil; 2002 to 2006;

Art Therapy; Clínica Tobias;  São Paulo- SP; 2003 to 2005

Kolkata, India, 20 October, 2023,

Reiko Shimizu