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"Picnic" ~Tears of Pomegranates

Performance in solo
Kerala Lalitkala Academy, Cochin, Kerala, India, 2023

In nature everything sacrifices its life to feed other lives. We see that the life cycle in nature is about sacrifice.

Is ecology about harmonious sacrifice?

Often human beings give priority to animal rights over plants' lives.

Pomegranates as a symbol of the sacrifice of life, “Picnic” questions about the sacrificial side of the plants in nature. As pomegranates fruits which remind us of animal uterus in both form and color relate the audience to their body sensation immediately, “Picnic” delivers the audience direct experience of life sacrifice of plants in nature.

How much right do we have to consume other lives? Human rights are often about human relationships but how about other beings?

Enveloping the white picnic sheets among all beings except human beings, making knots, completing the nature cycle, questions the human position in the nature cycle.

The Picnic raises important questions about sacrifice, consumption, and our role within the natural world. Through its symbolism and direct sensory experience, it prompts reflection and challenges the audience's perception of the value and rights of plants. With further exploration of the interconnectedness of all living beings, the performance has the potential to deepen its impact and broaden its ecological perspective.

Curation: Satadru Sovan Suresh K. Nair