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Prayers of Pomegranates

Performance in Duo: Dimple B. Shah & Reiko Shimizu
Utkal University of Culture, Bubaneshwar, India; 2023

The pomegranate as an emblem of Shakti - the omnipotent power that permeates all existence.

Inspired by the scattered remnants of Mother Goddess, Sati, interwoven into while saree, into 12 knots of pomegranates, uniting and releasing into 51 pomegranates.

Two female figures delve into movements, contemplation, action, and interactions, unveiling the essence of Shakti.

It penetrates our bodes and soul, every being in the earth and the sky, nutures and binds all into n interconnected indivisible whole.

Stains on the saree, the marks of life, traces of time are washed away in the pond, an amniotic fluid, the forgotten One - the nurturing expanse of a Mother's womb.