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"Sacred Hands"
Varanasi, India; 2016  

Transformation and contemplation

hands turn a turmeric

What are hands ?

Do they belong to oneself or someone else ?

The gesture holds meaning? offering? renunciation? longing? or even begging?

A boy said: in the presence of the Divine, we are all beggars.

The spiritual journey takes one from a land of action to a land of sorrow,

then to a land of blazing,

finally to a land of silence and laughter within the heart of God.

serene of the Ganga river

birds singing,

the presence of the Divine, Lord Vishwanath.

Maa Annapurna satisfies hunger, knowledge, and love

Kashi, the land of the Lord

The beauty lies in contrasts and impermanence.

The image of broken rice spread in the shape of hands on the ghat attracts birds, and Mother Earth feeds them before they fly away into the sky.

A Babaji reveals the significance of writing the name "Ram" in red color and the understanding that Maa Kali's true nature is not black.

The importance of the Earth-goddess in the evolution of Mother worship is emphasized, along with the reverence and offerings given to Mother Earth.