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duo action with Akira Umeda

Galeria Helena Calíl; Fundação Cultural Cassiano Ricardo, São José dos Campos – SP, Brazil; September, 2006.

"NDO" is a Portuguese word for "ING" in English.
A concept that encapsulates the essence of transience and the beauty found within the passage of time. With an ephemeral quality at its core, "ndo (ing)" invites you to embark on a journey where beginnings emerge from nothingness and culminate in the same void.

Within this enigmatic space, a series of actions unfurl, forming the crux of the narrative. Yet, throughout these actions, a subtle reminder lingers—an awareness that all things are bound to dissolve into the ethereal void that awaits at the end. It is a meditation on the impermanence of existence and the fleeting nature of our endeavors.

In the series of actions, we are beckoned to explore the delicate balance between creation and dissolution, witnessing the mesmerizing dance of actions that arise, transient in their essence, only to fade away. The fluidity of "ndo (ing)" calls upon you to embrace the temporality of our experiences and find solace in the realization that even the most profound moments will eventually dissipate.


starting from nothing and ending with nothing

series of actions In (in)between
but always being aware that they all (will) disappear at the end